10 Things to Pay Attention to When Selling Mineral Rights

There are many questions and valid concerns to address when selling mineral rights. It is important to address and answer these questions on the front end before any paperwork is signed! Below is a short checklist to help you choose a buyer that will perform:

1) Check the Mineral Buyer’s Reputation

It is important to know the group you are working with has the ability to close and that they are a reputable buyer, when in doubt give Stag Minerals a call! We know all the different buyers and their track record in the mineral acquisition field.

2) Check Their AAPL Affiliation

We strongly recommend the you work  with companies that are affiliated with the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL). This means that those companies are held to ethical standards. AAPL affiliates also tend to be companies and individuals that are in the mineral buying business for the long run.

3) Ask for Down Payment for Mineral Rights

Ask them to put money down, this lets you know if they are serious buyers and will not waste your time (10% is a reasonable amount).

4) Do Your Homework on Mineral Rights

Before you sign any paperwork, we recommend looking into the background of the buyer of your mineral rights. A couple things to pay attention to are:

  • Check for any liens
  • Current or previous lawsuits
  • BBB complaints against the buyer
  • Look for testimonials or contact info for pervious transactions.

If you need any help finding this type of information, give us a call! We’ll be happy to help you find the right mineral buyer.

5) Wait for Payment Before Sending any Deeds

Do not send any original Deeds until payment has been received and cleared by your bank. Do not ever accept a bank draft as payment.

6) Request a Title Report Before Closing

Have buyer provide the title report before closing so you know what you are selling and how much you are selling. Honest land services companies have nothing to hide.

7) Read the Fine Print

Make sure that you are only selling the tract of minerals agreed to and not all the minerals owned by you in the County (unless that is understood and you are compensated for it).

8) Ask Questions

Have all your questions answered upfront. Legitimate buyers will be patient and answer all of your mineral rights questions until you are completely satisfied

9) Ask for Info on Recent Wells

Have them provide insight in to any recent permits for new wells or wells currently being drilled.

10) Trust Your Instincts

Most importantly trust your gut and pick the right company. Do they dodge your questions or answer them in a straightforward manner? Do they treat you with respect? When in doubt, go with the good guys. Call Stag today!

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