Stag Minerals, LLC is a team of Native Texans devoted to mineral acquisitions across the United States.

Our goal is to provide you the best price available when you choose to sell. Stag is known for closing deals as agreed upon and we pride ourselves in our reputation for that.

All your questions will be answered ahead of time so you know what to expect. Please contact us to learn more about our process and why Stag Minerals is the right choice when you choose to sell.

We work in all major mineral areas across the United States where oil and gas is prevalent. Not sure if you’d rather sell your mineral rights or lease them to a drilling company? Contact us today to learn about the pros and cons of both options.

We have experience in all of the major shales where oil and gas companies are drilling.

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Why Stag Minerals?

  • Quick closings in under 30 days
  • Beating offers daily
  • We do all the work and cover 100% of closing costs
  • Fully funded and offer money down
  • Free evaluations with no pressure to sell
  • We like to answer all questions ahead of time so you know exactly what to expect

As an owner of property with mineral rights in Reeves County,  we decided to pursue a few dreams by capitalizing on our cash offers for minerals.  After going thru a folder full of companies, we reached out to a few.   Stag Land Services was by far the most helpful and upfront about the process.  They made the best offer, prepared all the documents, sent earnest money and closed all in a matter of weeks.  When we decided to sell another percentage I immediately called Matthew at Stag Land.   We would highly recommend speaking with them first and eliminating the guess work.  True professionals and always willing to help.

Lisa F., Floresville, TX

“Recently I had an opportunity to work with Mollie, Alex and Matthew. After numerous calls and correspondence we reached an agreement. I can attest to their professionalism, respect and courteous manner of conducting business. Given the opportunity I would do business with this team again.”

Vickie G., Marfa, TX

“Stag Land Services, LLC in Ft. Worth, Texas purchased my mineral interest in Texas and I received a check on April 3rd, 2017. Matthew Hembree guided me through the process competently in a forthright manner. Many land services contacted me and I am glad I selected Stag Land Services.”


Carolyn W., Naples, Florida

“It was a tough decision in choosing to sell mineral rights passed down from my grandparents but Stag Minerals handled it in a professional and timely manner as they promised.”

Pete W., Tulsa, Oklahoma

“We chose to go with Stag because they put money down and offered a quick close, they did not disappoint!”

William M., Midland, Texas

“The Stag Minerals Team was very professional in the handling of buying my mineral rights. We received offers from all kinds of groups and were very happy that we chose Stag”

Mary Lynn A., Lovington, New Mexico