Sell Mineral Rights

If your minerals are located in oil and gas producing regions, selling your minerals, gas, or oil rights can give you the opportunity to gain financial independence for your family. Oil is one of the few mineral assets that can provide this type of stability.

Stag Minerals is a group of seasoned land investment professionals in the oil industry that can help you develop a plan to divest your mineral rights. We will work with you to tailor a business plan that fits your needs. We know that circumstances are different for every mineral owner. That is why we are committed to working with you to get the most out of your asset.

Benefits of Selling Mineral Rights

Mineral owners divest their assets for a variety of reasons, below are some of the common motivating factors we have seen from our customers. These are your assets so there is never any pressure, we just give you our best price and guide you through the process.

  • Get guaranteed money in 30 days
  • De-risk your asset
  • Turn small royalty checks into one big one
  • Estate planning advantages
  • Passing minerals down or splitting them into smaller pieces devalues them
  • You're tired of dealing with Oil Companies
  • Eliminate excessive book keeping
  • Debt relief of financial burdens
  • Various tax benefits (ask your CPA)
  • Use the cash for a different investment

What Are Mineral Rights And Why Should I Sell Them?

As we mentioned before, selling your mineral rights can be a very lucrative move for the financial status of your family. By working with us and gaining a lump sum payment upfront, you avoid the depreciation of this valuable asset as the years go on.

Selling Allows You to Monetize Your Asset Today

If you own land with minerals in an oil rich area then you can expect to get money out of them at some point. There are two main strategies for mineral owners:

  1. Sell and take the cash up front.
  2. Hold them and manage them properly for the long term.

Have you ever bought a lottery ticket? If so you are prompted to choose the cash option or take or payments over many years. Minerals are much like this, either take the guaranteed money up front or continue to lease them to the oil companies in hopes of them drilling a well and eventually getting monthly payments. Both are profitable if done correctly.

By selling you reduce the financial risk that comes with owning and managing mineral rights. Selling provides guaranteed money and peace of mind rather than waiting on an oil company to produce and develop your asset which doesn’t always happen.

Selling Promotes Tax Savings

When you lease your mineral interests, you will most likely face tax increases that will put pressure on your family. Leases are treated as regular income, and of course, newly generated income will be taxed. By selling your mineral rights to Stag Minerals you may qualify for a long-term capital gain tax. We can be your helping hand when it comes to navigating the taxation of your mineral-rich asset.

Begin Estate Planning

It is much easier to pass down cash versus passing down minerals. We often see the minerals split between multiple heirs and they end up with an asset that they do not know much about. When a mineral estate is broken in to smaller pieces it devalues that asset. Not only does selling your mineral rights grant you immediate funds, but it can ensure that you have money to provide for your family in the instance that you are no longer around to provide for them. This can be the easiest step that you take for managing your assets and finances. Demand for oil is high at the moment so now is the time to pounce on getting the most out of your mineral rights to help out with the future of your family.

Stag Minerals can get You the Best Price

Stag Minerals is determined to get you the best price for your mineral rights and covers any and all closing costs. Our experts will make the process stress-free, and all you’ll need to worry about is where to invest your funds after the sale. If you are ready to tap in to the full potential of your land investment call Stag Minerals today to find out how we can get you the maximum cash for your mineral interests.